My current workout

So my next to nothing workout that I’ve been trying to do is just a bunch of exercises I put together. So here is my made up routine. I am only using 10lb. dumbells for these, but it gives me a good workout. I do 3 different exercises (12 reps) of each one without breaks, then repeat 4 times. Then I do 3 different excercises, the same thing. Usually only takes me between 15-18 minutes to complete all of it.

Day one: Repeat each set 4xs

*Bicep curls (12)                                    *Shoulder Press (12)

*Tricep ext. (12)                                    *Bent over Rows (12)

*Chest Press (12)                                   *Tricep dips (10)

Day two: Legs and Abs:                                                              (Do 1st set, Rpt. 4xs, then rest 1 min., do 2nd set 4xs)

*Sumo squats (15) (24#s barbell front)          *Reg. Squats (15)

*Leg extensions (15) 25#                                  *Dead Lift(15) 60#

*Side Leg Raises (15)                                         *Leg Curls (15) 25#

ABS: Crunches, leg raises, bicycles, Romanian twists, V-ups, side crunches, then of course, the  plank.

Day 3:(Do 1st set, Rpt. 4xs, then rest 1 min., do 2nd set 4xs)

*Hammer Curls (12)                                         *Reverse rows (12)

*Overhead tris (12)                                          *Upright Rows(12)

*Push-ups (10)                                                 *Flys on bench (12)

Now, I’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks, and not very consistently. I know the 2nd time I did the 2nd arms circuit, I could barely do the 2nd round of the pushups. I don’t know how long I will do this, I may add a whole other arms circuit, and do arms-legs, arms-abs, arm-legs, etc. I just haven’t had the time to really put into it lately.

I know it probably needs some tweaking. Suggestions are welcome, as always.





  1. You can definitely get adjustable dumb bells and go heavier on a few of your exercises and do not need to stay doing 12 reps. I am sure you can do more on many of those exercises.

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  2. You are doing something and that is great. Firstly, what is your goal? Is it to build more muscle or to simply define/tone?


  3. Ok. Well if you are hoping to build lean tissue, you’ll need to eat more of the right sort of stuff. I eat 5 – 6 meals a day. For building mass, you will need to incorporate strength training into your workouts. They are typically low rep, greater weight. You shouldn’t feel any soreness after a strength session. They work very differently to high volume workouts. It’s difficult when you are first starting out on a strength training regime but the rewards are great. Lean tissue is metabolically active and you’ll need to fuel that tissue in order to reap the rewards. If however, you substitute some of those meals with sugary stuff, you will find peaks and troughs in your energy levels and subsequently, hunger. It is very achievable and you can do it if that is what you really want.

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    • I started strength training about a year ago actually. I had been doing more weight and less reps and have built muscle. I was just changing things up a bit for awhile. I’ve lost 40 lbs. And am at goal weight, just needing to convert more fat into lean muscle, mostly legs, but, hips. Check out my earlier blogs if you want to see my progress.

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      • That’s a fantastic achievement. Absolutely brilliant, well done. Fat won’t convert to anything and sometimes, it’s those last few pounds that are super stubborn. I will certainly take a look.


  4. You have made some terrific gains. Before you attempt any next major steps, I suggest you create a DEFINITIVE schedule to avoid ebbs and flows. “On and off again workouts” make it very difficult to maintain long term gains. I suggest 3-4 days/week of weight training as a realistic expectation most people can perform FOREVER. Workout duration can also fluctuate between 30-45 minutes incorporating both cardio and resistive training. Change the workout routine every 6-8 weeks and change the order of exercises performed every 2 weeks. Doing the same exercises in a different order will produce results. Make certain you are using enough resistance if you want a stronger well defined look. NEVER sacrifice form. Are you keeping your cardio in a target heart zone? Interval training is good to incorporate with cardio. This is where you fluctuate intensity for a specific amount of time. (ex. 2 minutes average intensity followed by 30 seconds of high intensity, followed by 1 minute of slower possibly inclined intensity.)
    If you have any questions, just let me know.
    Keep up the great work!! 😉

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    • Thanks for the input, I usually do 10-15 minutes cardio before weights. I was on a routine of weights 5xs a week working 2 muscle groups a week. With higher weights and lower reps. I’ve been doing that for about 8 months, but I take breaks from it and do some lighter weights with more reps. I know this decreases my ability to progress with the weight though, but I just work back up to the heavier weights. I was curling 20# dumbbells and benching 70#, which I’m pretty happy with. When I start getting frustrated and bored, I start doing something different for awhile. I’m pretty happy with my upper body. Its below the waist, where my trouble is, doesn’t seem to matter how many squats, lunges, deadlifts, that I do, things just not firming up as much as I’d like.

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