8/9/15-Diet Challenge day 2

Well, I started out good. I messed up at the end.  I was leaving work and  there sits an open box of Tim Horton’s timbits sitting on the table, someone from night shift brought them in, I took 2. When I got home my husband offered me a half of a personal French bread pizza, I knew I should have said no, instead I ate a whole one. Then later he made the cinnamon toast with peanut butter, he made 2 pieces he held them out in front of me and, yah I took one. I went way over my calories and carbs. Especially since it was not a workout day. I couldn’t work out even if I wanted to. I was hurting so bad. This strain in my side has caused my back to hurt now. After 2 twelve hour shifts, it is very sore and my back muscles are burning. Not a happy girl, feeling down about it all. But I don’t want to give up.

1/4 C. All Whites 100% Liquid Egg-75Calories, 0-fat, 0-Carbs, Protein-15
2 slices godshall’s smoked sliced Turkey Bacon– 80 Calories, Fat-3Gm, Carbs-2Gm, Protein-12Gms.
Kraft Singles Fat Free Sharp Cheddar Cheese-25 Cal.,Fat-0, Carbs-2, Prot.-4

Skim Mozzarella String Cheese-50 Cal.,Fat-2.5, Carbs-0, Prot.-7

Chobani Simply 100 Blueberry Greek Yogurt-100 Cal., Fat-O, Carbs-14, Protein-12
Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Fillets-110 Cal.,Fat-2, Carbs.-2,Prot.-21
Leaf lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes and peppers- 28 cal., fat-0.32, Carbs.-7, Prot.-1.7
Light raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing – 70 Cal., Fat-4, Carbs-7, Prot.-0
Total- 302 Calories, Fat-6.32, Carbs-30, Protein-34.7

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey – Vanilla Ice Cream– 120 Cal., Fat-1, Carbs-3, Protein-24
Tim Horton’s 2 timbits– 140 Cals, Fat-5, Carbs-20, Prot.-2

Stouffer’s personal French bread pizza
470 Cals, Fat-25, Carbs-43, Prot.-19

Cinnabon cinnamon toast
120 Cals, Fat 3, Carbs-20, Prot.-4
1Tbsp. Natural pnutbutter
94 Cals, Fat-8, Carbs-3, Prot.-4

Total for Day
1594 Calories
Fat- 60 grams.
Carbs-134 grams
Protein-130 grams

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