8/10/15 My so called diet challenge-I Lost this day

5/10/15- My so called diet challenge-Lost today

I managed to keep my calories a little lower today. Although the calories I did eat were not all the best choices. Will try harder tomorrow for sure.


The same as usual

9 Tbsp. egg whites

2 Slices Of Turkey Bacon

1 slice of cheese

Total – 180 Calories, Fat -3, Carbs-4, Protein-31


BLT with white bread (BAD) and light Miracle whip

2 Nutter Butter cookies

Total– 363 Calories, Fat-15, Carbs-45, Prot,-15


Jiffy Raspberry Pancake with Aunt Jemima syrup

340 Calories, Fat- 6, Carbs-66, Prot.-2


Sweet potato with Light “I can’t believe it’s not butter”

174 Calories, Fat-8, Carbs-24, Prot.-2.3

Total for day

1057 Calories, Fat-31, Carbs-139 (woah) Protein- 50.5

Way too many carbs and not enough protein especially for not working out. This kind of diet will for sure cause one to gain fat. I rarely ever eat that many carbs. Especially when I don’t work out.

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