8/11/15 Day 4 of my diet challenge-did a little better except the damn M&M’s

8/11/15- Did a little better. Damn M&M’s!!


1C. Special K Protein Cereal

½ C. Silk Pure Almond Milk unsweetened-Vanilla flavor

160 Cals, Fat -2.25, Carbs-26, Prot.-15


1/2 C. Dannon Oikos frozen. Greek yogurt

Gold Standard 100% whey- 1 scoop- French vanilla

260 calories, Fat-4, Carbs-27, Protein-30


Grilled chicken breast with pesto sauce and reduced fat provolone cheese

Roasted Peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and green beans

340 Calories, Fat-15, Carbs-13, Protein-36.6


1 pkg. peanut M&M’s

250 cals, Fat-13, Carbs-30, Prot.-5

TOTAL for the day

1009 Calories, Fat-35.5, Carbs-96, Protein-82

I still didn’t work out but tried to be more active. Pain still debilitating.

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