Pain from a Strain

Ok it’s been 9 days since I somehow strained my left oblique muscle right below my ribcage. Let me tell you, it sucks. It hurts to stand up straight, it hurts to take deep breaths, it hurts sitting, standing, rolling over in bed, bending over, raising my arm above my head, um picking anything up, coughing, sneezing,, etc. Not only does it hurt physically, but it is mentally hurting me too. I’m pissed because it’s not getting better and because I can’t work out-it actually makes it worse when I try. I can feel my muscle leaving and fat filling all the  empty cells. It’s hard to smile when I’m in pain and depressed about it. I find myself being short with others and showing anger towards others unnecessarily, and then I feel bad. It just sucks, and nothing I can do about it except rest it…yah right.  So to all my friends and coworkers, I’m sorry I’m being a Bitch, please don’t take it personal. I will get through this, its temporary. Should only take about 6 weeks to heal. I’m going to be fine, just sucks right now.

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