10/11/15- ran my first 5k today

wpid-20151011_200632.jpgWell, it was definitely a new experience. I accomplished something I wanted to do. No family or friends at the finish line, not even my spouse. My best friend’s husband did go with me cause he runs, but basically, I did it on my own. Except for tips and encouragement from bloggers, no one helped me get here.

I was okay, actually pretty happy with my results of 31:31. An average pace of 10:10. I could have done 31:00, but my music stopped working and I slowed to a walk to fix my phone. Stupid

The anticipation kept me awake last night. I couldn’t shut my brain off, so I didn’t get much sleep. I ate oatmeal, protein powder, and a banana for breakfast. I was up at 0600, and eating by 0630, left @ 0730. Got there around 0800, race started at 0915. So I had plenty of time to pee, and walk around.
It was cold so we sat in the car for a while. When we were getting ready to take off, I couldn’t get my Nike app to work, when the gun went off, I was fucking with my phone…stupid, but I needed to get my music going dangit. It seemed like a lot longer than 3 miles.

I have work to do, cause I’d like to be able to finish without feeling like I’m dying. And of course faster. So, I’m going to keep running. That’s the only way I know how to get better.

Thanks everyone for your support!!


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