Worst interview ever

So I applied for a manager position at the hospital for the IMC unit. My manager encouraged me to do so. She said I would be good for them.

So, 2 days later I get a call to schedule a Humanex phone interview . That happened today.

For the 2 days before, I read every leadership material I could find. I read my previous notes from my leadership classes. I thought about scenarios that they might ask me. I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep and this morning my heart and mind were racing in anticipation.

I prayed, I tried meditating but couldn’t. I couldn’t calm down. I was having chest pain.

Then they called. Wil was the interviewer who explained the process. 73 structured questions, oh my heavens, nooo, I was thinking.

The questions had me explain specific times I did specific things as a manager, which I’m not yet. But one was like tell about a time I failed. Oh and tell about a time I was faced with adversity and what did I do.

I couldn’t think of anything…period. my mind went blank for most of the questions. I was like a deer frozen staring at headlights. I knew the answers they wanted but could not come up with specific scenarios or 100 would pop in my head but I couldn’t pick one. He asked how I responded under pressure. Well at work, I deal well because my experience allows me to remain calm in high pressure times. That’s why I’m a good ICU nurse.

Here I am under pressure now though and I am squirming like a worm trying to get away from a huge bird about to eat him for dinner.

I’m pretty sure I failed miserably and will not move on to the next real interview.

What did I learn?

I have terrible recall. I don’t think quickly under pressure in that type of scenario. I should think more about how I can and do get positive outcomes. I should journal and think more about solving problems instead of just about problems. All my schooling in grad school could not even prepare me for this, but it should have.

I’ll let you results when I get em

Update: I have a phone interview with the director in 2 days… yay or uggg?


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