Another 4 days, small steps small rewards

10 /24

Fasted 18 hours today. Only consumed 900 calories. Broke my fast with 3 egg and mixed greens omelette with 2 pieces of pepper jack cheese. Drank a muscle milk later. And then at 1800 I had grilled chicken strips, broccoli and cheese. At 1900 I worked out for 30 minutes. 15 cardio and 15 weights. Then had a protein shake. I felt weak with the weights, lifting light for now.


After a week of no carbs I crumped today. I ate 1700 calories that included caramel popcorn…about 4 cups of it and these chocolate Quest Keto bites…4 of them, and a quest keto protein bar. Someone brought them into work and I took it upon myself to sample them alot. I ate my healthy food too but totaled 117 net carbs. I felt bloated and gassy, but still no BM. I’m going to get some mag citrate if I don’t go tomorrow. My stomach is distented and achy.

I will have to fast atleast 18 hours tomorrow to get back into ketosis and drink tons of water.


Fasted 18.5 hours. Consumed 800 calories only 25 carbs. Push mowed the yard (1 hour). Took a walk.


Weighed myself, lost another pound. Fasted 12 hours. But ate some candy and crab Rangoon. It was a really stressful day at work. I was in charge and had my own patient. 2 people died. 2 were inubated. Short on beds, short on nurses. I ended up working 14 hours, finally leaving at 2300.

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