Neverending circle of death

They come in. They can’t breathe. Day after day they get worse. Then they get intubated and proned . Sedated. 10 days 20 days fighting for their lives. Then they die. Some get trachs and live a little longer, but are they really living?

Here comes another to replace the dead one. And another. It starts all over. They’re on Bipap and anxiety meds. They don’t want intubated, but days later they get it anyway. Then starts the long path to eventual death.

I have a hard time understanding why Covid kills so many but not others. Those that don’t make it to the ICU don’t realize how lucky they are.

So many people don’t know the suffering we see and the pain inflicted on families.

I tell the wife, “don’t lose hope”, keep praying “. But I know deep down he’s going to die.

I pray to no avail. They still die. He shouldn’t have.

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