Trying hard, lost some more

If I had more days off of work, I would certainly lose more weight. Especially now because my husband is unable to eat solid food. He has an abcess on his gum that he finally had lanced yesterday. He hasn’t been able to wear his teeth for a week. So no fast food or anything chewable. That’s working out great for me because I can eat what I want.

Yesterday, I only consumed 835 calories, and everything was healthy. A protein smoothie, with spinach, bananas, ginger, cayenne pepper, and blueberries. Tomato soup and cheddar whisps for dinner. Some pepperoni and cheese cubes for snack. I felt good and took a walk.

Today I went 16 hours without solid food. I can’t call it totally fasting because I did drink apple cider vinegar with honey and cinnamon in the morning. And I drink coffee with Stevia. Most fasting experts say that you aren’t supposed to drink anything but water or black coffee. Well I’m just not that strict. I only got 800 calories in today. I tried to get more but just wasn’t hungry.

I ate an egg and spinach omelet with cheese and chicken at 1400. A banana. Then at 1930, I had cod and cauliflower rice.

I had plenty of energy the last two days and was very productive. The only thing I’m not happy about is that I haven’t really 💩 much. I know who cares or wants to hear about bowel movements. But it is a real problem for me. I have IBS constipation and can go 4 days without a bm. By that time I am so bloated and my back hurts, etc. It doesn’t matter what I eat. I can eat nothing but fruits and vegetables, all the fiber, and so on. I’ve tried everything. The only thing that makes my bowels move is laxatives, and the max dose, and they only work if I don’t have to work.

Anyways back to work tomorrow. I packed my lunch with a salad and healthy snacks. It’s just so hard not cheat at work. Administration has been stocking us up with snacks because of Covid and being short staffed all the time. I guess that’s supposed to keep us happy. But it’s all junk food! Don’t they realize they are making nurses sicker and more lethargic by constantly shoving junk food in our face?

Uggg! Hopefully I can be strong and ignore it. I’ll weigh myself in the morning, it’ll either inspire or disappoint me. Hopefully, I’ll be less.

Update: I lost 2 more pounds. 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I’m happy!

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