Six more days… six pounds lost..on a role

Day one

Fasted 16 hours. Took mom out for lunch at Bob Evans. Had eggwhite western omelets at 1330.

Dinner was steak and sweet potato, and that’s it. Not hungry. Feel good. Back to work tomorrow. 874 calories today.

Day 2

Breakfast @ 0530 egg whites with sausage, peppers, and onions. At 1130, I was starving. I ate some celery and ranch dip and cream cheese. At 1630 I ate dinner leftover steak and sweet potato and salad. At 1900 I had some nuts and a cheese stick.

Day 3

Usual breakfast @ 0530. Just an egg, sausage patty, and 1/4 of whole grain light English muffin. 280 calories. Didn’t eat again until 1230, a cheesestick and muscle milk. Dinner at 1630, a salad and deli tuna. Then some nuts and a cheese stick around 1800.

What’s in my salad?
The mayo’s for the tuna.
Still can’t eat my goal of 165 g protein

Day 4

Fasted until 1230, had a Dole protein smoothie. Six hours later, had 2 chicken thighs and a sweet potato. I did eat a few of my husband’s French fries and m&most though. I counted them. I felt super full and bloated after dinner. So I worked out for 30 minutes. 820 calories.

I’m trying, really trying to get back on the weightloss train. It’s so hard for me. I love sweets and I know I cannot eliminate sweets completely. But I’m definitely cutting way back. Everyday gets a little easier. I’m eight days in so far. So far no big mess up this time. Let’s see how long I can go.

Day 5 and 6

I stayed under 1300 calories, both days even when there was junk food abound. I also lost 6 pounds and I’m feeling better. It’s amazing how much more energy I have when I eat less and cut out the junk food and carbs.

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