4 days

Day 4

On day one I fasted for 24 hours then ate lite meal at 1700.

Day two fasted for 16 hours then ate lunch (bacon & eggs) and had a burger no bun at 1900. Feeling good!

Day three back to work, ate breakfast at 0530. Snack at 1100 and lunch/dinner at 1600. Then cashews at 1800, which I wish I didn’t. I also ate frosting off the cake. Felt good until the frosting!

Today, breakfast egg, bacon, cheese, 1/2 muffin at 0530. Going to try to go 10 hours before eating again.

Ate a small pack of peanuts at 1130, I was so hungry. Then at 1230, I found a package of cashews… ate them all.

1600 had dinner which started great, tuna, spinach salad, egg, chicken breast, then a rice krispie treat, then 2 more. Then drank a protein drink.

Then had two cookies…lol.

Felt bloated and full and yucky! I started out great and finished like crap.

Tomorrow I will fast as long as possible 😌

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