Keep keeping on

Worked 13 hours caring for the same Covid patient that’s been there since 8/17. I took care of him all weekend. He’s still on cont. dialysis. Still intubated. Now talking trach and peg. He’s 58. There were 9 other covid patients. Five intubated and proned.

My manager barely had time to say hello. She knows I need to talk to her but she avoids me like the plaque. I don’t get it. She’s so busy she has no idea what even goes on on the unit. She has no idea that nurses are saying, they just don’t care any more. The nurses are unmotivated and not interested in doing any extra. They are all exhausted. I am the only one doing a professional ladder project. Why? Because it’s who I am. I am doing it to be an example and leader for the other nurses. I am the chair for our unit council and even without my managers support, I keep having meetings and keep trying to get nurses involved in something.

I am not rewarded or promoted for doing any of it. It’s just my way of being a servant leader because that’s what I want to be.

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