Keto week 3- Still learning and changing

Here it is week 3 and I only lost 0.4 lbs. I had been keeping my carbs between 20- 40gms, sometimes higher because I was counting fiber and using net carbs. Just a few days ago I joined a new keto group on Facebook, it is a serious, no bullshit keto group. The leader is an actual nutritionist and is definitely strict to the evidence based Ketogenic. He teaches you how to figure out exactly your macros based on your TDEE. And they don’t count net carbs. So, based on the new information I’ve gathered, I had to change up my MACRO goals. My new goals require that I only eat 20gms of carbs/day, 146 Gms of fat and 90Gms of protein. This is based on a 1400 calorie goal.

Now, I just started this yesterday and barely managed to get that much fat. My husband cringed when I pour melted butter and cheese on top of my omelette. But I’ve gotta do what I gotta do, right?

The Facebook group I’m speaking about isĀ  Common sense keto, here’s the link.

common sense keto

What he does and says really does make sense.

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