Making progress on Keto and my new love, coconut butter.

I’ve made it 12 days on Keto and feeling great. My appetite and sugar cravings are disappearing. I made what I call fat crack last week. It was actually a fat bomb cupcake recipe but I put it in a pan instead. It cracked when I tried to cut it so I called it fat crack. It was basically coconut oil and cocoa spread on the bottom, freeze, then a layer of coconut butter, freeze, then another layer of oil and cocoa, freeze then cut. I never knew about coconut butter until now. It is sweet goodness with only 4 net carbs per 2 Tbsps. And 20grams of fat. I tried it in my coffee and fell in love! My biggest struggle is eating enough greens and constipation. Probably from all the cheese. This is one of my favorites.0111181558_Film2 Oh and the nuts, I’m full of nuts! I love nuts, not peanuts though. 



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