Keto- Great links that helped me in my research.

Here I decided to share some great links with some good solid scientific evidence. Visiting and reading these pages convinced me to do it. I just want to get the word out about it because I think that the Keto diet could help many people, especially diabetics and folks with high cholesterol and sugar addicts. I believe it’s true that after you change the way you eat, the sugar cravings get lower and lower. But it’s just like a non smoker picking up a cigarette. Or a recovering alcoholic picking up a beer. Once you pick up that donut, it’s hard to stop with just one. But it’s something that you can start over the next day. Try for low carbs all day every day. That’s what I do any way. Yesterday I passes up donuts, I passed up desserts at the coffee shop, and candy at the gas station. Every time I say no, makes me feel better about myself.

Keto links


  1. Interesting. I do want to do some research into the Keto diet for my husband, so I’ll have to check out these links. Is it somewhat similar to Atkins? He did that for awhile with great results, but found it hard to stick with.


    • Atkins diet is higher in protein, and not as high fat, the higher fat helps sustain as it keeps you fuller. Good fats though, like MCT and Ghee. Also Atkins lets you eat more carbs than Keto.

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