The numbers on the scale go up and down, well up more than down.

I really don’t get it. No, I just don’t understand. After 1 week of a serious calorie deficit and working out, I somehow managed to gain 2 pounds. How can this be possible? I mean I know that in order to lose 1 pound you have to eat 3,000 calories less than you burn. Yup, I am sure I was there. I certainly did not eat 6,000 more calories than I burned. There’s no way. Here is a snapshot of calories in vs calories out.

As we see here, every day has been under. I count everything that I put in my mouth. So, how can this be? Two days I didn’t even eat 1,000 calories. I’m puzzled. I must be doing something wrong. So,I will try again another week, but if nothing is lost, I will need to reevaluate. What exactly, I’m not sure. I’ll update soon.


  1. Losing weight is MORE than calories in vs. calories out. You’re not taking into account your metabolic function or lack there of. The brain is responsible for weight loss as well. Emotional issues affect hormonal balances that can result in abnormal weight gain. High sodium food content forces the body to retain fluids creating an abnormal weight values. Macro nutrient balancing also plays a role in healthy weight management.

    As you can see, weight management is more complicated than merely calorie consumption and exercise. Many of my posts deal with correcting these imbalances. Feel free to scan them to see if they provide any missing information to the equation needed in your case.

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  2. I think you are consuming too few calories and burning your candle at both ends. My suggestion to you, as well as to anybody else trying to lose weight, is to start off with lean protein and low starch vegetables, and cut out most sugar and refined starches…when you get closer to your fighting weight (figure of speech) then add whole grains and fruit back to your diet, but only as much as you can eat without gaining weight back. Life is a juggling act, and when you’re good, you gotta stay good…hope that helps.

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  3. You are under eating, especially if you are working out. It goes against everything you have been taught. The bodies response to to under-eating (starvation) is to slow the metabolism. Agree with Sulyeman. Eat about 30 g protein in the am (5 egg whites worth), stay away from carbs such as sugar, potato, pasta, and also fruit in my opinion. Eat more snacks like almonds and avocados (high fat) that mimic ketosis. No cereals also. Lunch is protein like chicken breast and salad. Greek yoghurt snack in the afternoon. Work-out then dinner with protein and vegetables. I personally stay away from the beans etc. Work out should be something that incorporates high intensity intervals. Better to spike your heart rate to the 140’s for a minute then back down to the 110’s for a minute, and repeat 8-10 times rather than go at a moderate rate on elliptical for 40 minutes. If you split your work-out to 20 minutes in am and 20 minutes in pm, there is evidence that this split increases your metabolic rate better than one 40 minute cardio.

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    • Thanks for the advice. I actually do try to follow a diet like you suggest. I do face alot of challenges with my work schedule and trying to eat 3 meals. Take a look at
      I figured my TDEE to be 1800 calories, so I try to stay between 1400-1500 calories/day. Yah, sometimes I don’t eat enough, but other days I eat too much. I’m still working on getting my self control back. 🤐 As far as exercise I usually do a 20-30 minute strength/weights, then 20 min. on my spin bike, usually HIIT, sometimes steady moderate pace. I don’t go to a gym, only do everything at home. Usually only 3 times a week. Sorry, if this is all more than you want to know. 😏


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