Woot Woot I worked out!

#UnderArmour #UARecord #RuleYourself

I finally got my weight bench and weights back! My son moved out and we now have a spare room again, YAY! So, last week and this week I have been able to get back into a routine. I am taking it easy but not too easy. I just don’t want to reinjure my back. It still isn’t up to par even after 3 months. But I’ve got to gain some strength back. I’m tired of this flub that has been growing. I’m also in a major calorie deficit, like 700 less than I burn. And I’m also working toward the Whole 30. Well, I’m not totally there yet but I’m working up to it. I quit eating yogurt, and protein bars and anything else that has added sugar. Lots of fruit, veggies, and meat…nothing processed. My problem is the whey protein. There’s none allowed and I haven’t found anything as easy to eat as whey protein shakes to up my protein intake. I will keep looking though.

I still have 13 lbs to lose. I was supposed to do this by tomorrow, but I didn’t. I blame some of this on my scale. Well, let me explain, I had been using an old dial scale and I bought a new one about 3 weeks ago, a digital one. The weight on the digital one happened to be about 5-8 pounds more than the old one. So, I basically had to start over.So, I’m making a new goal, which is to lose 13lbs by March 17th. The next holiday.


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