Year of challenges, growth, and failure

Well, its almost Christmas and I can say that I am grateful for so much. Although I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to, I definitely did learn a lot. I haven’t blogged much because it doesn’t look like too many people actually read my blogs. But that’s not what blogging is all about, is it? Nevertheless, I’m going to blog, even if just for myself.

Its been almost 3 months since my back injury and 1 month since I sold my house and moved to a small apartment.

Unfortunately I have fallen off the fitness and diet track and have gained 10 pounds of FAT. I’m not proud. Not one bit. It hovers over my head every day, but every day I come up with an excuse and everyday I go to bed regretting that I didn’t try very hard. I’m still in therapy for my back. I’ve been on the treadmill a few times and lifted a couple, but I just can’t get myself to stick to the program. I know so much and came so far and now I’m losing it. I’m not sure how or when I’m going to get my shit together again. Something has to give. I know how, I know what it takes, but for some reason I can’t make myself do it. All I have is lame excuses.

I used to be the one that said “No Excuses”

I gotta find a way to get it back. I’m headed for destruction if I don’t.




  1. I’ve been in this place you describe many times, and the discouragement can be overwhelming. But when I beat myself up, I make it so much worse. Sometimes it helps if I keep it very simple, and just focus on one small thing for that day. And if I do that one thing, then I feel better about the day. Good luck healing the back, I know that pain as well!

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