My favorite color- totally unrelated to anything

Purple is my favorite color.

So this should be the color of my font. But, for some reason I can not change it to be purple on this blog site. 

Its strange because I don’t own much of anything that is purple. I like purple because it can be soft or it can be vibrant, it is quite rare, but yet it stands out. 

If I could, I’d definitely have a purple car, and purple hair, and a purple house, and for sure a purple dog. But then what would people think about that? As I look around my house, there’s actually nothing purple to be seen. I wonder why that is. Of course purple wouldn’t go with the rest of the decor, and might be found odd if everything was purple. Have you ever seen a house with purple walls, carpets, and curtains? I suppose there may be a few, but none that I have seen. 

So I’ve been thinking about the color purple and I like it, but no one could ever tell. From this day forward I will start adding more purple to my world.

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