Just keeps getting better

One month and 3 days after my back injury. Finally got the MRI and results are in. On top of the sprain is also a protruding disc and effacement of a nerve root at L5. At least I can explain the pain in my left buttock now. Otherwise a little stenosis and lots of degenerative disc disease. Dr. says just be careful and try not to reinjured or make it worse.

I don’t think he understands what an ICU nurse does all day. But then I’m the one that says I don’t want any restrictions. But I can’t do my job with restrictions, its just not possible. So what do I do?

Its all in the body mechanics. I’m learning how to really concentrate on my movements when lifting, pulling, and turning patients. I’m even going to do a project about it and teach other nurses about proper body mechanics when caring and lifting patients. I’m also going to teach some core building exercises. My goal is to reduce injuries on the job. I once read a quote that said “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of recovery” or something like that.
Otherwise, I wasn’t able to do the pumpkin run 5k, obviously, and I’m still off the weights. Doing a lot of stretching and watching my intake. Amazingly, I haven’t gained any weight over the last month. Probably have lost muscle though, so not so cool.

Chiropractor 2 times a day, that consists of traction, stimulation, heat, and then a crack or 2.
I’m not taking any pain meds other than ibuprofen and sometimes a flexeril at bedtime.
I’m trying to keep it together mentally, and not be depressed. It is just frustrating that I thought I was doing the right things for my body. Apparently, I did not heed the warning signs. Oh and my husband reminds me all the time. Point is, don’t try to limp run thru a 1/2 marathon with a sprained calf. It will stress and weaken other muscles and literally put you out of business!

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