Crooked I Am,taking a crack to fix my back

    Three weeks after I sprained my back, I am still having pain. I would feel worse after therapy and sitting for anytime made it worse than walking around. I spoke to other therapists and nurses about my issue and almost everyone recommended I see a chiropractor. So, I listened and went to the chiropractor. He did an xray of my lumbar and pelvis and this is what he said, “you’re hips are internally rotated, and your pelvis is shifted to the right. And your hip flexors are very tight. That explains why you still have pain and therapy didn’t help. He basically told me I was set up for an injury. Yes, I can help you.” He then turned me over to another guy who put ice on my back and hooked me up to a muscle stimulator. After that, I went back to the room where the doc. came in, he massaged some kind of gel onto my back and said see you later this week. I had so many questions. I still have so many questions.
I wondered if the injury caused this or this caused the injury? Was it because I limped through a 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before? Was it because I was weakened and this was the last straw? Why are my hip flexors so tight? Did tight hip flexors pull my pelvis out of alignment? Or did my hips shorten my muscles which may have pulled my back?  Is this normal from running? Have I always had this problem and didn’t know it? Have I been doing something wrong to have caused this?

Looking all these questions up on Google has proven to be difficult. There’s many possibilities but no straight answer. That irritates me. I mean I get some of it, but I really don’t get it.
What I fear is that, due to my own actions, I incidentally caused my own back injury. I mean, was this injury from a prexisting condition?
Anyways, I went to see that chiropractor again today with all these questions in my head. I got there, they stuck some ice on my back and attached the stimulator. Then I went to the room and the doc had me lay all different directions and he cracked me, multiple times. The only question I managed to ask was, “What is the treatment plan?” He responded with, come in 2 times a week for manipulation, exercises, and stim. for 6 weeks to help your pain. That’s it. So here I am left with more questions. Are we going to fix my pelvis, hips, and flexors with this treatment plan? Or are we just fixing the pain? And how does this help the pain. Oh and what exercises am I supposed to be doing?
I’m not real good at being assertive for myself. As a nurse, I’m expected to tell my patients the plan of care, explain why I’m doing what I’m doing. I encourage them to ask the Dr. questions as to prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment plan. But when it comes to me being the patient, I shut down but expect explanation.

I am still on the fence about this whole chiropractor thing. I mean, I’ve read a lot about them making adjustments, but they don’t fix the problem.
If anyone has experience in this area, I’d sure like to hear from you. Otherwise, I’ll let ya know how it goes.

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