My First 20K, shoulda woulda

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 12.83mi, time: 02:41:58, pace: 12:38min/mi, speed: 4.75mi/h.

Here I am, running the furthest I ever ran in my lifetime. At 43 years old and with minimal training 12.5 miles was quite the challenge. I did this 20K race in prep for the Airforce Half Marathon that I’m supposed to run Sept. 16th. The most I had run at one time prior to this race was about 6 1/2 miles at about a 12 minute/ mile pace. So after about 8 miles I was feeling ummm…not so good. My first 5 miles were under 12 min./ mile but then I was getting slower and taking more walking breaks. Although I found that it hurt more walking than just jogging. At about mile 10, I wasn’t sure my legs were going to work anymore, they were cramping and hurting so bad. I kept going. I ate my energy bar, drank some water, and just kept going. I felt like I was moving slower than a snail. The old gray hair man, that was running by me asked if I was OK. I said “yah, I’ve never ran this far before”. He said I was doing great, he said “you’re almost done”. Yah, I had 1 more mile and a half to go, and they guy who’s probably 20 years older than me just passed me. Holy shit that was the longest mile and a half ever. I began to think I should just quit…but I didn’t. I kept going, in pain, until finally I crossed the finish line. Dear God, thank you. I didn’t die. Unbelievably, I made it, but damn did it ever hurt. Even after almost 2 years of working out and a year of running, I am still not in the greatest shape. 12.5 miles almost beat me. I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t been working harder to prepare for this challenge. But I’m kind of proud that I didn’t give up when the pain was unbearable.
Now, I only have 20 days to prepare for the real 1/2 Marathon. But first I have to recoup from yesterday. Will the next one be harder or easier since I have already done it once, almost? I’m a little worried, but I’m not going to not do it. This pain in my quads will go away soon (I hope), and then I’ve got to get out there and get some miles.

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