New to track running

Yesterday I decided to check out a local running team. I found them on Facebook and learned that they go to a nearby highschool track every Monday and Wednesday evenings. They train. So, I thought what did I have to lose by checking it out. I showed up and everyone welcomed me. There was an older guy who was the “coach”. Basically he told us how many times to run around the track, well and 100 meter runs, build ups, tempo, all kinds of stuff I didn’t understand. I just kind of followed the group and tried to not fall behind. I’ve never run on a track, and I don’t know much about meters. But I can tell you I was tired after an hour of track running. I actually liked it though. I will probably go back. It was different from running on the road with music and alone. Running with a group was more motivating than my music. Even though they were strangers, I felt comfortable and like I wasn’t being judged. I guess I will try anything that might help my running. I just want it to get easier and be able to run faster without feeling like I’m going to die. Now if I can just get all Mondays and Wednesdays off. Oh here’s a pic of me running that last race. Pretty funny looking…..


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