My Workout and stuff

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 6.31mi, time: 01:11:33, pace: 11:21min/mi, speed: 5.29mi/h.
Hey everybody, its been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Lots of stuff been going on. Well, not really just been working a lot. Last time I posted, I was excited about trying to be on a vegetable based diet. I did great for about 4 months. But last month I really started getting back into strength training and running. I felt like it was getting harder to eat enough protein from plants. I was gaining fat and losing muscle. I could only eat so much tofu and beans for protein. It was just getting too complicated in order to meet my macros. So… I started adding eggs, chicken, fish, and turkey. Over the last month I have already noticed a difference in my fat vs muscle ratio. Plus I feel more energetic and stronger. Now I know that there are plenty of vegan athletes out there that can prove that it can be done, but it just wasn’t working out for me.
I do still only try to eat organic except when it comes to some protein bars and drinks. I try to get between 100-140 grams of protein per day. That’s not easy on a veggie diet cause you gotta eat a shit load of food to get there.

In other news, sad news, my running partner just lost her husband in a motorcycle crash a couple of weeks ago. We were waiting for him to get home from eating lunch with his kids at school so we could go for a run, but he never made it there. A pickup truck pulled out in front of him and well, that was it. It sucks for her so bad, they have 3 little kids, and now no dad, no husband. I have been trying to help her and comfort her but she is having such a hard time. We were training together for the 1/2 marathon but she hasn’t been able to get back into it. For one, she gets bad migraines all the time and two, she has 3 kids to care for by herself.
But I’ve been trying to train alone as much as possible. I’m up to a slow 6 something miles. I can finally run a whole mile without stopping. It sucks running alone, but I gotta do what I gotta do.
Thanks for reading!!

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