No lifting, says the doc.

So, after 3 weeks of pain in my elbow, I was diagnosed today with tennis elbow. Tennis elbow refers to the soreness and pain in the outer elbow that is the result of damage to the tendons that connect the forearm and elbow. It is often the result of repetitive everyday activities. I kinda knew this already, but I just needed confirmation. I decided to go ahead with the cortisone shot, and as I sit here in dire pain, I’m wishing I didn’t. I can’t use my arm at all now. They say the pain will get better after 24-48 hours. I surely hope so. It literally hurts my elbow to move my thumb as I type this. For real.

I got a brace for my arm and one for my wrist, and will go to therapy next week. But, the doc says lay off the free weights for probably a couple of months. I’m not happy about this at all. Won’t I lose all my strength and muscle? I’m so upset about it. I already went through this last summer when I strained my lateral oblique. But at least then, I could lift lightly. But I had to build up again. I didn’t want to have to start over again. But I will, as soon as possible. I’ll be asking my physical therapist about strength building while healing. I’ll share what I learn.



  1. Did you go to a neurologist or an ortho? What types of tests did they do? Do you have tingling in your fingers? You possibly also have a pinched nerve in the elbow and a possible neuropathy. I went to the ortho and he said surgery wo any tests. I found out and knew it was a neuropathy. You probably have a similar brace to what I have. it is sturdy with padding and not a 90 degree angle, more like 136 degrees. Wearing it for a few hours a day and lifting to get circulation has done a lot of good.

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    • I went to an orthopedic doctor, he did xrays to rule out fracture and arthritis. I don’t have numbness or tingling, just pain in lateral elbow and wrist. I wear the arm brace/ band just below the elbow around my arm to stabilize the tendons/relieve stress. The wrist brace is for night use to keep me from hyperextension. If therapy doesn’t work there is shock therapy, then surgery as last resort.

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      • I am surprised they did not give you a better brace to avoid movement. The one I got was not even for this but it is 2/3rds up my upper arm and 2/3rds below the elbow. I was given mine by my ortho last year this time to avoid extending and would help a lot with stress. I would ask to see if they have something like that. I do not know what strength level you were at or if you were repping out too much but if you were not and were somewhat strong doing forearm exercises where your elbow is firmly on your knee would be ok for circulation. If you went to a PT they would do stim and have you train. Have you looked into that? You can even buy your own stim tens unit if it helps. Since I stepped up training and started a few hours a day wearing the brace I have improved without any therapy for the badly pinched nerve and neuropathy. You can actually see the difference between the two arms. Though it was much worse 2.5 months ago.

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      • Use it sparingly and not daily unless told otherwise. Being you have to wait a week, use it 3 xs. I had one that is different from the 80s made in Sweden and it is a handheld unlike a normal tens and more like a sono. If I over used it I knew an hour later.


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