all the comments (reposted), still getting them today

6/19/15- All of the positive comments

At work today, I saw quite a few people that haven’t seen me in awhile. Atleast 6 people told me how good I looked. Comments and questions about my weight loss and what I was doing to be in such good shape. As always, I tell them diet and exercise. Some want to know more, some don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to help people, because I do, especially if someone is serious about losing weight. But I don’t want to start telling people everything I do for myself, because it may not be what’s right for them. Also, I don’t like wasting my breath on people that think they care but really don’t.

Also, even though I have lost weight, when I look in the mirror, I still see a lot of fat on my butt and thighs, that I have been diligently working on. It just doesn’t seem to want to leave no matter how hard I work. Most people can’t see it because I’m tall and my loose uniform pants kinda hide it. So when I say, I’m still working on it. Most people say things like, “Oh, I think you’ve lost enough. You don’t need to lose any more weight.”

Obviously, they don’t get it. And then trying to explain the whole fat versus muscle and how I’m just trying to get rid of the fat talk begins to confuse them or bore them. It’s not really weight, I’m trying to lose, it’s fat, the fat that is hidden under my clothes.

Another thing that came to mind is, if I look so good now….I must have been hideous a year ago. FAT ASS UGLY or something.

It’s nice that people notice and they tell you, but it kinda gets old…kinda. I’m just not so sure how I feel about it. Anyone have thoughts?


  1. OK, you know I am a pro at this. Do not take it offensively. You are more likely with fresher and radiant skin to say the least. Most people, myself included, at an older age have issues when my skin looks unhealthy and less radiant. Losing weight for anyone also is noticed. Take the compliment, go and run with it. Always look for things as a project. I will be moving some of my workout tips that are not already there in there soon if I can get a day where I am not on overload.

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  2. In general people mean well. You need to take the comments and base them on the sources. I think we should view ANY POSITIVE message as a bonus in life. Stay focused on the improved health status and the weight will continue (even if slow) to take care of itself. Stay healthy and happy.


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