I used to have back pain

I read this blog BUT DID YOU REALLY TRY?, and it made me want to share.

I used to have chronic back pain, I attributed my back pain to my job and working long hours and being on my feet. I went to a chiropractor, I got an MRI. It showed a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease, at 40 years old. I wondered how I was going to work like this for another 20 years. I lived on Ibuprofen….1600mg/day and muscle relaxers. They helped some, but it was temporary. They treated the symptom for awhile. Then I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which I also attributed to my job and my shoes. I bought implants for my shoes and new shoes thinking it would help. But it didn’t.

It wasn’t until about 4 months after I really started changing my life, working out and eating differently, that I realized that my back pain and foot pain was actually going away. After I lost all of my weight, I realized the truth was, that all that extra weight, lack of exercise, and eating crap was what was really causing my pain. I no longer depend on medications for pain, because I fixed the underlying problem, the problem that was causing the symptom. I quit carrying around an extra 40 pounds everyday. I quit feeding my body crap that kept me from healing, and I strengthened my core along with the rest of my body. No more back pain, no more plantar fasciitis, no more hip pain. Yeah, I think I can work another 20 years. If only I would have known this earlier.

Whenever I hear people that are overweight that complain about their back pain or foot pain, I just want to help them. I wish they would realize that if they could possibly try to change their lifestyle by exercising and eating better, they might also be rid of their pain. and maybe they can get off those meds.

When I think about quitting, I just go in my workout room and pick up 40 pounds. And I remember that I was carrying this much around everyday….all day. No, I don’t want that back, not even 5 pounds of it.


  1. What you have had I have had in spades. Bulging discs in HS. Osgood Schlacter, space in between knees in 7th grade, scoliosis, partial tear of the ACL and PCL, herniated cervical discs, sacrum, I too was given the degenerative disc issue, multiple tears through both shoulders and both rotator cuffs torn, broken ribs and I did worse than plantar fasciitis I actually tore it. It did not hurt it felt like I tore a string in my socks. I have had others. Unlike you I have never had a weight issue. I have had times where I did not workout for over a year a few times. But being as young as we are thinking this could get worse is scary.

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    • Wow, that’s a lot, makes my issues seem like turtle dust. I wonder if working out has helped. Do you work through the pain? Do you have to take medications? You seem to be in awesome shape even with all of those injuries. Did you have to have a lot of therapy, or did you do it on your own?

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      • I know all of the protocols. I am basically orthopedically not put together right. What I have achieved I have had doctors not believe it. I do not take any narcotics. I am an insomniac, so I take an anti inflammatory and muscle relaxer and another to shut my brain off. I have been through a lot, most times when something bad happened I was not in great shape. When I was and a bad injury hit I could run through it. I ran a 400 meter hurdle race limping early in a state meet and won with an air cast on. I have done therapy, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.I do have my own equipment and stim at home and have various orthos and medical supplies to ease any pain. The 30 Day Squat Challenge has been fun. I do a set, take a minute and start writing. I do all of the exercises back to back. They have been beneficial.

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      • Impressive, most people would give up. I’m just being curious because I work on a trauma unit with people who have many different injuries. Everyone deals differently. I love the gogetters, that want to do therapy and work hard to get moving again.

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      • I basically have to keep going or I would be worse. I can deal with pain, I have everything I need to alter sneakers, tape, kt tape and other medical equipment. I am hoping to compete indoors this year but work has been insanely slow.

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      • I put it in as do s exercises out of the 12 for 6 days, then 3 and today I started what would be random. I did the sets with a 1 minute break and I wrote the double acrostic in the break time.


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