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competitionGoogle the internet, read the latest weight loss books or enter the world of computer gadgets that offer guidance through electronic technology and you will see the following three answers to, “should we count calories?”
  1. No, it is unnecessary
  2. Yes, it helps us understand our caloric needs
  3. Maybe, if it helps you attain your goals
When all of the above choices provide successful solutions to different people, it should be very clear that the answer depends specifically on the individual and their ability to comply. Most people OPPOSE calorie counting because it requires effort, discipline, time, and comes with a learning curve. A better question to ask is, “when people learn how to count calories (and macronutrients {proteins, carbohydrates and fats}) and COMPLY by following the recommended calories, do they achieve better results LONG TERM? Studies reveal the same three answers as above.
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
This translates into the…

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  1. As the post says it is not as reliable as people think. Every person reacts different, seasonally their body can change and over the years. Plus the type of calories can come into play. It is trial and error and that is a pain for most people as they need to journal their food, when they eat and how they feel. Others can get away with anything.


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