Another 9/15 diet, food, calorie- workout challenge-just today- also a pic update

Today’s challenge was actually trying to get in enough calories and protein. First thing this morning, I needed to get my oil changed, I overslept so I just at a bowl of Special K Protein with unsweetened almond milk and a banana. I waited 2 hours for my oil change then came home and ate a Luna protein bar and a Mozzarella cheese stick. I drank some Light Java Monster energy drink then waited about 30 minutes to do my run/walk. Today I only went 3.6 miles and did 3-3 minute intervals. About halfway through I decided to run through the 3 minute walk interval and to my surprise I was able to keep running for a whole 7 minutes. That is the longest I have ever ran nonstop. Now granted it was mostly downhill but not the whole time. I was so happy. Maybe next time I will try for a whole 10 minutes. I know most people don’t have trouble with this but I am 41 and have a bad knee and have never ran in all my life, so, I’m happy about it.

After my run I ate some almonds and an Atkins protein bar, I wasn’t very hungry. Then I had to go to work for a 2 and a half hour meting. When I got home I knew I needed to eat, especially if I was going to workout tonight. So, I ate a chicken breast, Hormel’s turkey chili without beans, and cottage cheese. After an hour, I worked out. 10 minutes on the bike to warm up then did chest and triceps. I am still only able to bench 70lbs. I did 4 sets of 3 reps, then did declined 1 rep of 3 with 70lbs then went to 60lbs and did 2 more sets of 6 reps. I then did 17lbs. on flys, tricep extensions, and overhead tris. I then did tricep pull downs with band and other band chest stuff. I also did leg extensions, a few squats and leg curls.

When I was done I made a smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana,frozen strawberries, a scoop of whey, a scoop of light Moose tracks, and a tablespoon of PB2. Talk about yummy!

Total for the day: Calories-1560, Fat-42, Carbs-171, Protein-139

Normally, I try not to eat that many carbs, but cereal, bananas, and protein bars really add them up quick. I just realized I didn’t eat any vegetables today….bad bad girl.

I usually don’t like to post pics of myself but here goes, you can see what I need to work on….uh, everything.wpid-20150915_185250.jpgwpid-20150915_185153.jpgMy arms aren’t looking too bad but I’m not happy with my butt, hips, legs, or stomach. Plus I take really crappy pics.

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