9/15- food, calorie, workout challenge

Its been a few days and yesterday was a total flop, so I thought I better get on here to help prevent further deterioration.

I did a run/walk interval for 5 miles on Sunday. I listened to the advice of palfitness https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/ and gave myself more rest time. So I ran 3 minutes and walked 3 minutes. Before this, I was trying to run 3 minutes then walk only 1 minute. I wasn’t able to continue running the whole 3 minutes for the whole 5 miles. I got too tired after the the first 2 miles. This time I was able to run the whole 3 minutes every time for the entire 5 miles. I hope to keep increasing my run time. I wish I had more days a week to work on it. But I am trying to run at least every day off that I have.

In other matters, I was about to hire a personal trainer to help me be more efficient with my lifting, check my form, and just help keep me on track to lose fat and gain muscle. After 10 months of lifting and now trying to add running, I just feel like I need professional input into what I’m doing.

Well, I tried discussing this with my husband and, guess what?, he shot me down. Said I didn’t need it, couldn’t afford it, and was going overboard on all this fitness stuff. He said I already work out too much and am too obsessed with it. He said I should go join an aerobics class instead. He wouldn’t hear my part of it at all. Told me I was ridiculous.

I was pretty upset to be shot down like that. Made me feel like maybe I am being selfish, like I don’t deserve to invest in my health and fitness goals. I was just thinking, that a trainer would help me improve on what I was already doing. Apparently, according to my husband, its just a waste of money. I still disagree with him and we may be on not so good terms for awhile after this argument.

Guess I’ll just continue to get ideas and advice from the great people that blog


  1. Congrats on the improvement! Doing something I couldn’t previously do always makes me feel really good. Keep at it and you’ll do even more than you thought. =)


  2. Do not give up. Is he jealous? You’d be getting fitter and more toned and possibly with the help of a male coach. Perhaps his ego has taken a bit of a knock. Perhaps you could sell the positives here. Suggest that it will improve your fitness not only outside the house but in other areas of the house and that could only benefit him. Would he need your permission to hire a trainer? You are most certainly not going overboard. It’s a fantastic achievement. You are far from ridiculous. That’s his insecurities and he will have to realise that you are serious about this and mean business.


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