9/10/15- calorie, diet, workout challenge- did it all

Finally, a day off of work. Was able to go for a run/walk again, this time I thought I could try running 3 minutes at a time and walk 1 minute intervals. I did pretty good for the first 2.5 miles, then I got tired and HOT, I wasn’t able to keep up the running for 3 minutes. I went for 5.18 miles in 1:o6, average pace of 12:48. Burned 558 calories according to map my run.

My diet included scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and OJ for breakfast. A Muscle Monster, cherry tomatoes, and Mozzarella cheese stick post run. A filet steak, sweet potato, and asparagus for dinner, then a post workout Smoothies, with Almond milk, frozen strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and a scoop of Whey.

Totals: 1350 calories, 49-Fat, 115-Carbs, and 130-Protein

My workout tonight was chest and tris. I benched 70lbs. for 7, 6, 6 reps, then did 60lbs decline and inclined for 6, 5, 5 reps. 17 lb. tricep ext. for 3 sets of 8. Fly and skull crushers 12lbs for 3 sets of 10 and 3 sets of 7 for skulls. then did tricep pull downs with bands, 18 pushups and 18 dips.

keep trying to increase my weight, but still not very strong. Doesn’t make me want to quit trying though.😌


  1. I see what you wanted to do with the running but what you need to do is ignore the rest distance. I know the app will not allow it unless you get a better one that has the ability to use it like a stopwatch. For a 3 minute run you needed more time to recuperate. If you run fast double rest, if medium to slow close to equal time. In general a decline bench or db fly or press is easier than your flat bench unless you burned yourself out. try changing the order.

    If you manage to see hs or college runners do an interval they may run 5 minutes, walk 30 seconds or so and then jog and take off. They are in solid shape. Try the routine again and give yourself more walk time and pay attention to the run times and repeat a couple of times then as you get faster play around with a lesser walk. Go back and forth and you will get it. Then when you do you come up with a next goal. A little longer, faster, heavier etc. Good luck!!!

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    • So I followed your advice and did 3 min. walk/run intervals. I was able to run the whole 3 minutes every time for the whole 5 miles. It felt good. I will continue trying to increase my run time with adequate rest time. Thanks. Also, I linked to your blogsite in my latest blog, hope you don’t mind.

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      • Thats great that it worked for. Like I mentioned over time , merely alter it, a little faster, a little longer, slightly less time in between and you will see a nice difference. I do not mind you linking my blogsite to your posts. I can do the same if you would like.



      • I did not want to comment on your new blog page regarding you getting shot down.

        15 years ago gas prices were higher than now, minimum wage which was supposed to be 15 an hour in 2006 at least is finally moving up, but higher paid individuals got cut backs and offered less to keep their job and many decently paid people have taken hits over the last 15 years and bc of this they cut things out.

        I was able to charge more than gyms like many trainers do as we are not kids. Now there are apps that people believe in but they are not real time and one of the biggest reasons trainers lose clients is not because they are not getting the job done, rather that the client either starts dating, plans on or gets married and a significant other gets in their ear. It makes it very hard for any good trainers, not living in the city to make money. I started offering online sessions because of it and I even had in home clients do facetime or skype sessions which at least I was able to see how they react and I can alter the session as necessary.

        I see you know what I meant but you got shot down. At least me giving you a couple of simple tips helped you and for that I am glad.

        Just keep it up and if you need help feel free to ask. I have written both my workouts as well as various samples and I threw in basic weights for both women and men, beginner, slightly more, intermediate and advanced. On my site it may be difficult to find them but if you have a general question or two feel free to ask and give me some specific details.


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