No need for confusion: Do THIS and BUILD MUSCLE

Build Muscle Now

You and me, we’re probably not so different. Since you’re taking the time out of your day to read this right now I’d bet a weekend getaway with Jennifer Lawrence you probably fall into one of a few categories.

You’re either fairly new to training, and you’re looking for information that will help you build muscle and get strong, or you’ve been grinding away in the gym for years and still haven’t seen the results you want.

Either way… I’ve been there.

Now, if you happen to be one of the first group, new to training and looking for what works, I’d recommend reading this post and getting started ASAP. And, be on the lookout for some new beginner training tips coming at you within the next week or so.

Follow the beginner program like the one I outline here, or something similar, and you’ll experience far better results than…

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  1. Well as you already know I am a trainer that even when I first was I already knew more than so called gym geniuses. To go along with your gym joke. The guys who curl 65 pound bent bar curls, heaving and swaying each rep and then actually going up higher. Worse than the idiots that read Arnold’s warmup routine from 40 years ago. He went 135,225,315,405,495 and kept going. These people have no clue and waste valuable time and potential injury. I am not big and no matter how much I eat or lift I never have been, even if I do not do cardio. At 155 pounds and a freshman until now at 175 my warmup weight on the bench at 12-15 reps is 165. I vary my workouts. I have weights and reps I know I should hit, if I do not something is wrong and I have to change. Most men do not and many women are finally learning what I taught many years ago, lifting heavy does not mean you get big, you get smaller and as you get used to it, add exercises and can do cardio you get a little bigger but ultimately lighter, especially if you stretch properly.


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