9/7/15-diet, calorie, food, workout challenge – goal not met, but not upset

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I’m lucky enough to be laboring today. Nurses always get to work the holidays. Yay, big money!! Not really.

So, I measured yesterday morning and unfortunately I did not lose the 2 inches off my hips that I wanted to. I did lose 0.4 inches off my hips and that is better than not losing or gaining inches. I also lost 1.4 inches off my thighs, and 0.5 inches off my waist. So, even though I didn’t meet my goal, I’m happy that I lost what I did. I still weigh in at 140lbs. So hopefully that means, I am losing fat and gaining muscle. I really don’t want to lose weight just the fat. Know what I mean?
So I will continue towards my goal until I lose the 2 inches on my hips. I will continue to count my calories, and progress my workouts.
Yesterday I ate: BreakfastРegg whites, corned beef hash, bacon, and 35 cal. wholegrain toast. Lunch- protein bar. Dinner- lamb chop, sweet potato, and asparagus. Then a Rockin  Refuel post workout.
My workout was Chest and Tris.¬† I did regular presses with 60lbs. 10, 6, 5 reps. Then did incline and declines with 50lbs 3 sets of 8, 6, 6. Then did 12 lbs triceps ext. 3×12, fly’s, and skull crushers. 3×10.
Did a few pushups, 20 dips, and some abs.

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