9/5/15-diet, food, calorie, workout challenge-3 days lost 1 day left

Due to unforeseen circumstances (like an unexpected wedding) I missed 3 days of workouts. Well, I probably could have worked out but I just didn’t. Wednesday was a scheduled rest day. Thursday, I worked, came home packed my clothes and went to bed to prep for the early morning 5 hour drive to Illinois. Friday, I drove, went to my daughter’s wedding at the courthouse, went out to dinner, went back to hotel and crashed. Today, I drove home after a huge Golden Corral breakfast with my daughter and her new husband. I came home ate a turkey sandwich, rested and then decided I better workout.

I did 20 minutes on the bike then did biceps, back, and legs. I upped my weight to 17 pounds but did lower reps. 3 sets of 6 on curls, hammers, and concentrations. Once I can get up to doing 3 sets of 10 with this weight, I will increase to 20 lbs. Hey, a new goal!!! I did some straight leg deadlifts, squats, leg extensions, and calf lifts. I feel like I got a good workout. I drank a vanilla Monster Java after my workout. Love them!! 25 grams of protein, plus vitamins, and caffeine. I could live on em, I think.

My diet sucked yesterday and today, but Wednesday and Thursday was good. Tomorrow will be 30 days. I will measure and hopefully will have lost some inches. My goal was to lose 2 inches off my hips. See my goal blog. Tomorrow I will update with results an come up with some new goals. Stay tuned!

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