9/4/15- The unexpected wedding

Wednesday night, I get a call from my daughter, she says she has something to tell me, ” please don’t be mad” she says. She proceeds to tell me that she and her boyfriend, Chris, are going to get married. Apparently he proposed last Wednesday. I was like, “okay, that’s great, When??….Here’s the kicker…she pauses…then says quietly, ” Friday”.
Of course, I was a little thrown back and responded hastily, what do you mean Friday?!!! She gave me all these reasons of why she had to do it on Friday. Now, I’m upset. For one…I haven’t even met the guy she’s marrying, and two, I had no notice whatsoever. I couldn’t believe she was just now telling me this.
So, Thursday I tell my boss I’m sorry but I can’t work Friday, my daughter is getting married and I need… Want to be there.
I get up at 4am so I can be on the road by 5am and drive 5 hours so I can be there for her wedding. I meet him and his parents for the the first time. I am still in shock. But the courthouse wedding went well and my daughter was beautiful and we all went out to eat, including 20 of their friends.
It was nice, but I’m still in shock! My daughter just freaking got married. Luckily this Chris guy is nice and, well, I do like him. I just can’t believe my daughter is married.

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