To run or not to run- making progress 9/2/15

9/2/15 Even longer. I wasn’t going to run 2 days in a row, but I waited until this evening when it was a little cooler. The humidity was still pretty high though, but I did it anyway. I ran further again 5.69 miles!!I did it in 1:10 which was faster than last time. I ran a little more than walked. My pace was 12:11. My fastest so far. I burned 641 calories… Wowie! This time I ate some Gatorade energy gels and halfway through I drank a powerbar energy drink. I think it helped a little. I also got a knee strap for my left knee, and it helped a lot. I’m just happy I am able to keep making progress, I don’t think I’m doing too bad for never ever running before. My husband says it is dangerous for someone to start running in their 40s. Anyone think that’s true?

9/1/15- Update– Longest so far. I did the intervals at walk 1:00 and run 1:40, but it was so freaking hot and humid I couldn’t run as much as I wanted. My face was so red and hot and I thought I might die, especially cause I don’t bring water with me, I’m gonna have to change that I think. Anyways I did 5.41 miles in 1:11. My average pace was 13:14.  I burned 569 calories. May try again tomorrow if the weather is better. it’s hard to run in 95% humidity.

8/28/15 Update
I did it, yes I surpassed my 5 mile goal today
. I did 5.2 miles, and I did it in 1:05. My average pace was 12:35. It almost killed me, but it didn’t. I did intervals, run 1:30 and rest 1:00. I ran through 2 intervals twice. For someone that has never run before, I think I’m doing pretty well. Oh, and I burned 580 calories. yes!

8/26/15 new update — I almost got 5 miles, but not quite. I did intervals again but increased my run time 10 seconds. So, I walked 1 minute then ran 1:10. I went for 4.92 miles, in 1:06, pace was 13:28, and I burned 508 calories. Second by second, I’m going to eventually get to my goal of a 10 minute pace.

Update 8/23/15 — Yes, I did it again, even better than yesterday. Today I tried interval training and walked for 1 minute and ran for 1 minute. It was tough but I was able to do it. There’s a lot of hills around here and I have a hard time running up them. I walked/ran for 4.62 miles, my average pace was 13:31, it took 1:02, and the best part…I burned 475 calories… Woohoo!!

update 8/22/18 Today …a better day, this morning I walked/ran 4.4 miles in 1 hour. My pace was 13:49. Burned 440 calories. I only drank coffee, orange juice and water before I left. I definitely ran more than last time. It almost feels better to run than walk. I still just get so tired in my legs. I will keep trying to do better.

Update  8/18/15-today I walked/ran 4 miles in 1 hour, average pace of 14:54. Burned 377 calories. I ignored my knee pain and my feet didn’t hurt.

8/17/15- Today is the second time that I walked and even ran a little in about 3 months. I walked 3.2 miles on Friday the 14th, my pace was an average of 15:50 and it took me 50 minutes, burning 280 calories. My toes hurt, my knees hurt, and my hips hurt for 3 days. Today , I wore different shoes and I walked/ran 3.5 miles, my pace average was 15:09, it took 53:11 and I burned 321 calories. My bunion is sore, my ankles are sore, and I keep getting cramps in my inner legs and quads. So after thinking about it I decided to quit putting it off and go be fitted for some decent shoes. My shoes are definitely not made for running, plus I wear them at work all day for 12 hour long days on my feet. They are used to that.

I tell my husband I’m going to go get new shoes…at Runner’s Plus. He was like, “can’t you just go to Shoe Carnival?” I laughed, I said I don’t think they sell the shoes I need. Plus, I need a professional to look at how I walk and recommend the right shoe for my foot and needs. So, he say, “How much is that gonna be?” I told him probably more than $100.00. He gasped and shook his head, “On Tennis shoes, are you crazy?”

No, I just don’t want my feet to hurt when I run.  He looks surprised, “Oh you’re running now? You shouldn’t run as old as you are, you’ll be crippled and I’ll have to push you around in a wheelchair” Oh my, he might be right. I’m thinking, maybe I shouldn’t run. But I know people 10 years older than me that run and they are in great shape. I should run.

So, I say well, I’m tired of my feet hurting and I kind of want to try running. With that I got my keys and said I’m going, sorry. And I picked up my mom and we went to Runner’s Plus where I got a pair of $130.00 Saucony’s.

Now, I have no excuses. I used that excuse for a long time, ‘not having good running shoes.’ Now, I just need to find a way to fit it into my schedule. But I don’t know how often I should walk, run and for how long, or for how far. What is a good pace? Should I do it everyday? Should I do it if I’m sore from the day before? How do I advance?

It’s almost like the same thing as when I started lifting weights. I have much research to do. But I think I really want to run, especially after reading so many blogs about runners and how good they say it feels. eventually….once I get through the painful part…

Stay tuned as I work on answering my questions.


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