8/28/15 – 9/1/15 food, calorie, diet, workout challenge– 5 days of catch-up

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Geez… 5 days of no blogging. I have been busy, so, I’ll try to give a brief summary. Just know that I haven’t stopped with my food and workout challenge…well that will never stop. Day 26 already. 4 days left until I remeasure.

Friday began with a run/walk interval for 5.2 miles. I was pretty tired, but I worked for 6 hours in the garage with my husband building this awesome workbench from scratch. I got to pound, saw, and drill. It was fun, but I was tired by the end of the day and opted to not workout. I ate well pretty well keeping my calories low at 1014, fat-32.24, Carbs-109, and protein 85.35.

Saturday I worked my 12 hours then came home and worked out. I ate very well that day with no junk food at all. Calories – 1264, Fat -47.3, Carbs -68, Protein -149. My workout was back and biceps. I did a few squats too.wpid-wp-1441225357326.jpg

Sunday, basically the same thing, worked then came home and worked out, went to bed. I was so busy Sunday, I didn’t have time to count calories. My workout was chest and triceps.

Monday -picked up an extra shift at my part time job, I ate a 3 Musketeers bar that day but kept my calories down to 1284. I ate cod, broccoli, and baked potato for dinner. It was a rest day.

Tuesday-Finally a day off well partly cause I picked up 4 hours from 3p-7-p. I got out and walked/ran in the morning, even farther than last time. 5.4 miles. See my run blog for details. It was a rough, hot run. I ate well-no cheating-and I worked out after work. Calories -1317, Carbs -72.8, Fat– 75, Protein -103.

Here’s my workouts for Sunday and Tuesday. I still can’t seem to get back up to 10 reps with 62lbs on my chest press. I was doing 70lbs a month or so ago. It’s very frustrating.


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