8/26/15 Day 19 food, calorie,diet,workout challenge

It’s my day off, of work, that is. I started my day with a run/walk for 1 hour, (see my running blog). I went to home depot and helped my husband load and unload a bunch of wood for his workbench he’s gonna build. I helped put a ramp on his moms shed, and then the day was almost over. I grilled some filets ate dinner, then rested for an hour. I worked out at 8:00- shoulders and abs.

Breakfast – egg whites, Canadian bacon, cheese, 35 cal. Whole grain toast with apple jam, and OJ (light).
Luna protein bar, Nuts and Monster Java for Lunch,
Dinner – filet mignon, sweet potato, and tomatoes in balsamic vinegar
Post workout whey shake
Totals – 1547 Calories, Fat- 59, Carbs-124, Protein- 131
Did you know a little pack of Frito lay mixed nuts has 3 servings in it. How can anyone not eat the whole bag? It got me for 380 Calories.

My workout


I thought I’d just try taking a pic of what I did, sorry if its hard to read, but easier than typing it all up. I moved up to 15 lbs from 12… Finally back to where I was. I did a bunch of abs too.

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