8/23/15 diet/ food/ calorie/ workout challenge day 16

Had a decent day. Started out with another walk/run for 1 hour. Burned 475 big fat calories. Yah! I stuck with walking 1 minute running 1 minute the whole time.

Breakfast was an egg white bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich with a piece of cheese. Yes, I ate bread, whole grain 35 calorie toasted bread. I rarely eat bread, but sometimes I like a good old Sammie. Lunch was a McDonald’s ice cream cone, and whey protein shake. Dinner was grilled barbeque chicken breast and fresh garden green beans.  I ate a pack of Purkey Turkey Jerky and 1/2 of a P3 for snack. Then I made a post workout strawberry/banana/peanut butter/protein smoothie….delicious!

Total damage– 1485 Calories,  37.5 of fat, 143 g. Carbs, and       151 protein.

Evening workout was biceps and back. I increased my weight back up to 15 pounds from 12 pounds. 15 is where I was before vacation and side strain, about a month and a half ago. I did 3 sets of 10 on bicep curls and preachers,  3 of 8 on hammer curls, 4 sets of 10 on bent over rows, 30 straight leg deadlifts using 62 pounds. And 60 opposite cross over twists using 15# dumbbells. Those suckers, get everything, back, abs, butt, and arms. Woot woot! Did 20 wide squats too. I would’ve done more but my legs were aching pretty bad from all that walking/running I did for 2 days.

Felt pretty good afterwards.

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