8/19/15 day 12- diet/ food/ calorie/ workout challenge- a day off,sad day

Yah, today I took the day off. I didn’t eat realĀ  bad but probably too much. I didn’t count calories and I didn’t work out.

I went into work having a patient that was dying and actually did die at 11:11. It was sad cause he was there fighting for 21 days. His family was finally ready to let him go today. Once they made him comfort care they just wanted him to be comfortable. I did my best with medication until he took his last breath. It was a rough 4 hours but I’m glad his suffering is over and that his family now had peace. The rest of the day was 2 new patients and pretty busy. That’s OK cause it kept my mind off the the one we lost.
Tomorrow is a new day and I will start it off right and in a better mind frame.

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