8/18/15- food/calorie/diet/workout/run challenge, feeling beter

Happy Tuesday everyone, I had the day off again, but don’t worry I will be working the next 3 days-12 hour shifts. Today I took advantage of the free morning with a 4 mile walk/run (see my stats). I ate some almonds and drake coffee, water and OJ before my walk. When I came home and showered my husband made my breakfast. 6 egg whites, 2 turkey bacon, 1 slice of cheese, and 3 tomato slices. I then went grocery shopping, I had a Monster Energy Vanilla with protein right before the grocery. When I got home I layed out in the sun for almost 2 hours. I kind of forgot to eat lunch so around 3:00, I had a protein shake. Then I made some homemade salsa. I’ve never made salsa before. It was a very tasty post workout snack. For dinner I grilled. I grilled chicken, steak, and turkey burgers. I had a petite steak, (the rest is for future meals) and 1 C. of broccoli. Post workout I had a whey shake, salsa, and organic quinoa tortilla chips.

Total -1200 Calories, Fat-40.2, Carbs-79, Protein-138

I’m pretty happy with those numbers. Probably not enough calories for all the activity I did today.

Back and Biceps was the workout. I went up to 12 pound dumbbells. I did 2 sets of 10 of bicep curls, hammer curls, concentration curls, and preachers and straight leg deadlifts (60 pounds). I did 3 sets of 12 of rows, 30 bent over twists and 2 sets of 20 of pulldowns with the bands.

I feel pretty good, resting tomorrow.


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