8/15/15 Day 8 food, diet, calorie challenge… planned ahead this time

Hello. Today was a long busy 12 hour day at work. My quads are aching. They were resting way too long, I killed em yesterday. It’s a rest day, so I tried to keep my calories and carbs lower. I decided to put all the food into my calorie counter after breakfast, that I was planning on eating. That way I knew where I was at before the day got going. I should do this more often, I think it kept me from snacking so much because my goal was to stay around 1200 calories.
I weighed today (140#) and I was amazed that I lost the 8 pounds I gained over vacation. I’m sure some of it was muscle loss more than fat since I had to take time off lifting. That’s why it’s a great time to start rebuilding that muscle. Back to egg whites and turkey bacon tomorrow.

Breakfast was Special K protein cereal, fat free almond milk, and 1 hard boiled egg.
Snack- mozzarella stick and a Fiber One Protein bar

Lunch- a tuna pouch, 6 cherry tomatoes, and 100 cal. Greek yogurt.

Snack- Whey protein shake and a mozzarella cheese stick.

Dinner- Leftover grilled top loin filet and sweet potatoes.

I might a had a few jelly belly beans somewhere in there. Don’t worry I counted them.

Total for the day
1227 Calories, Fat-42, Carbs-101, Protein-118

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