Why I write what I eat

Why do I write what I eat ? I like to think that I do it for the reason anyone else would do it. I think it keeps me aware and also keeps me accountable for what I eat. It keeps me honest it shows me my mistakes. When I look back on the days before, I can see where I messed up and I can think about how not to do it again.
Everyday is a struggle with food for me. I know what I need to put in my body, but sometimes that want overcomes the need. For instance, that package of M&Ms, I knew I didn’t need it, but my mind thought I wanted it.

I don’t know how many people are actually interested in what I eat or how many calories I consume, but maybe it helps people to see the real numbers and how important it is to count calories and protein and carbs and fat. Because your body only needs so much of these things to get through the day and be healthy. There are so many studies out there that say you need this many carbs and this many protein it’s hard to say which ones are right and which ones aren’t. I try to live by the way of thinking that I should only put in my body what it’s going to use. Keeping that mind frame helps keep me on track . Staying in that mind frame is hard for most people.
It is hard when you have people in your life mainly your spouse that don’t understand or don’t care and does not share the same interests as you do. If it were up to me I would not have bread or pasta or any hi carb food in my house. Because for some reason, when it is in my house I have a hard time saying it’s not for me and my body doesn’t need it. Although I do pretty well when I’m at home and at work if I pack enough healthy snacks, I can usually do OK.
I seem to find that I eat bad food when I’m bored or when I’m stressed which is kinda strange. Anytime I have down time at work I think I need something to eat I don’t know why and I’m not sure how to get over it.
It takes a lot of time to add up all your food and calories to see how much you consumed for the day. And it takes a longer time to transfer all that to a blog. For me, I actually enjoy taking the time to do it because it puts it all out there and gives me a bigger perspective. And when I share it with the world or anyone that cares, well I can feel good or bad about it. I do you get some likes when I post my diet but not many comments. So it’s hard to say why people like it or what they like about it or if you look at it, why you wouldn’t like it. Any comments  or suggestions would be helpful. I like to know if this helps anyone or I’m just doing it for myself it’s hard to say. Thank you though for reading my blogs. Either way, I think I’ll continue until I get tired of it.
Time to grill my steaks! Wow how time flies when you’re blogging. 🙂

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