8/12/15 Day 5 of my Calorie/food/diet Challenge A Much Better Day

Today was a much better day. Just the right amounts. I coulda done without the Whoppers- but hey no one is perfect. It is now 6:30pm.Work is about over. I gotta just be able to make it home and into bed before I eat anything else. I may try to take a walk, a small one…will let you know.

1/4 C. All Whites 100% Liquid Egg-75Calories, 0-fat, 0-Carbs, Protein-15
2 slices godshall’s smoked sliced Turkey Bacon– 80 Calories, Fat-3Gm, Carbs-2Gm, Protein-12Gms.
Kraft Singles Fat Free Sharp Cheddar Cheese-25 Cal.,Fat-0, Carbs-2, Prot.-4

Light Orange Juice -38 Cals, Fat-0, Carbs- 9.75, Protein-0

Total-218 Cal, Fat-3, Carbs-14, Prot.-7.5


BBQ chicken Breast– 130 Calories, Fat-1.5, Carbs-0, Protein-27

Chobani Simply 100 Blueberry Greek Yogurt-100 Cal., Fat-O, Carbs-14, Protein-12

Roasted Peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and green beans (left overs)

Total-309 Calories, Fat-5, Carbs-26.3, Prot.- 41


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey -French Vanilla-110 Cal., Fat-1, Carbs-2, Protein-24

StarKist Foods Chunk Light tuna in Water (Pouch)-Cal.70,Fat.-0.5,Carbs-0,


Total- 180 Cals, Fat-1.5, Carbs-2, Protein-41


2 Skim Mozarella cheese sticks-100 Cal, Fat-5, Carbs-0, Protein-14

1 Tbsp. Natural Pnutbutter-95 Cals, Fat-8, CArbs-4, Protein-3.5

2 Oz.Natural Selects chicken breast-60 Cals, Fat-1, Carbs-2, Protein-10

Whoppers fun size 3xs 3 pieces-95 Cals, Fat-3.5, Carbs-15.5, Prot.-.5


1057 Calories, Fat-26.74, Carbs-63.6, Protein-140.92

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