8/7/15- Goals-Most people have them, but how to meet them

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately. I see people talking about them all the time. Being a nurse and getting through college were goals that I have met. Losing weight and getting in shape were goals that I have met. I am exposed to the word goal in my job everyday. Every year I have to make goals about how I can be a better nurse for my evaluation. Everyday there are goals for my patients. We even write their goals on the whiteboard so everyone can see them. It’s just something that’s expected. Sometimes we ask the patient what their goal is and sometimes we have to make it for them. For example, an intubated patient’s goal is obviously to be extubated.

The hard part for me and goals is being able to set them for myself. Like setting a realistic goal that has to be reached by a certain time; it’s rarely ever worked for me. Having a goal just doesn’t mean you’re going to do something, it also means you have to have to put a plan in place of how you are going to reach that goal. I think making the plan is much harder than making the goal. well goals are easy, right? For instance, I want to quit smoking, it’s a goal. Easy. But when do I start?, how am I gonna do it?, by when will I quit?, and well, how am I gonna do it?  Then you have to think if it is a realistic goal. Will I actually be able to reach that goal and how do I know if I can or can’t? Am I willing to do what it takes? Am I ready to say that it is really a goal and put a plan in place? Unfortunately I don’t think so. I think that’s why so many people find it hard to change things in their lives. It takes thought and planning and self confidence, desire, and believability in themselves to reach goals.

Then you have to think about the barriers. Money, job, family, time, not having enough of one thing or too much of another. When setting a goal, you have to add to your plan how you will deal with the barriers? Most people would say they are excuses. Some people live their lives by excuses. Then there are others who actually believe there should be no excuses that can’t be overcome. As a matter of fact, I remember that when I really got started with my weight loss journey that was one thing I always tried to say all the time….No Excuses!

I could write a whole nother blog about excuses though.

My whole point is that I just want people, and myself, to really think about all the things that making goals entails. I see so many blogs and articles that tell us to make a goal and stick to it. But not about how to make goals.

I will now make a goal and a plan and list my barriers and how to get past them.

My goal……..stay tuned…..I gotta think about it.

Okay after much procrastinating (anther reason why goals don’t get met) I came up with this. My goal is to lose 2 inches off my hips in 1 month. I’m going to start tomorrow because my vacation will end today. I measured yesterday and my hip width at the widest point is 38.2 inches. The biggest part of my body. So in 30 days I want them to be down to 36 inches. I will accomplish this by following my 1200-1500 calories a day and 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. I will count my calories using https://www.fatsecret.com/ I have an app for it on my phone and it’s the easiest most accurate calorie counter I’ve ever used. I will lift weights and do my squats and lunges as long as my side muscle strain isn’t hurting. My barriers will be the pain in my side, which, I may just have to do more cardio. The only other barrier will be my own accountability. I will prep my meals the night before so I know exactly what to eat. I will try to post what I eat, so others can see. Just in case someone wants to know.


  1. I have the same issue, I can make goals but how I’m going to ahieve them is the hard part. Like where do I start and all that. Urgh and some people make it look so easy.


    • I think most people use the term goal when they actually mean “wish.” A wish doesn’t require discipline and persistence. A goal, however, requires commitment. I find the problem most people experience with goals are they’re too finite. Ex. Oprah Winfrey wanted to fit into a size 10 Calvin Klein. She achieved this goal and continues to have weight management issues. Goals that are meaningful and lifelong require ongoing maintenance. This reduces the chances of yo-yoing. Realistic dietary habits along with realistic exercise routines are important. I have recorded all my nutrition and exercise since 1995. I use a software program to log everything. It is a way of life for me. It is NOT a punishment. It helps me understand what I have done. My advice to my patients was simple. Do not begin any plan you are uncomfortable doing for the rest of your life. The difference between weight loss and weight maintenance is quantity. The food choices should be very similar. This makes transitioning much easier. Same advice for exercise. If you do not plan to exercise 5-6-7 days a week for the rest of your life, don’t start with this frequency. I have heard the “jumpstart” theory, and it doesn’t work (long term.) My goals with my patients were long term goals achieved slowly and patiently. People may have preferred quicker results, but they were ecstatic that they were able to maintain weight loss in a healthy manner without feeling deprivation.

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